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HR Speech – Skill Advisor Genarel Cont.Est.

HR Speech


“SAGC acknowledges that manpower is the backbone of any company that can make or build infrastructure, oil & gas plants or petrochemicals and offshore projects. Our workforce is the heart of our organization and we value, the same way we value our other resources.”

As the head of the Human Resource Department of SAGC, I feel proud to be a part of a great team that continuously strives to make Saudi Arabia a better place.

While many companies keep their focus only on profit, ignoring the human resource that actually help and create the wealth in the first place, we value every single employee in our organization. We also know that good employees are hard to find and they can be easy to lose. This is the reason our organization offers a handsome pay scale with attractive incentives so our employees are always motivated to work hard for achieving our ultimate business goals.

Over the years, we have been awarded by several multinational and domestic organizations for our extraordinary service quality and our major role in the industry. We can now proudly vaunts of our achievements because of our hard-working team’s contribution in ensuring client satisfaction no matter the type or size of the project that was given to them.

We strongly believe that SAGC’s skilled workforce will continue to contribute to the development and prosperity of infrastructures in all corners of Saudi Arabia for as long as the company exists.

Wishing good luck to all of our employees, business partners, and clients. Thank you for your cooperation with us.

With Best Regards


Our Clients


KING ST. AL SAFAT P. O. Box 35514 Jubail 31951 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia