SAGC’s vast experience in industrial general contracting, manpower and equipment supply, and industrial support services makes us an industry leader. To give you some idea about how many projects we handled with ultimate client satisfaction, have a look at this list:


1Construction of FADHILI Gas PlantSaudi AramcoSungchang Abdullah Al-Shaikh2017-2018
2Construction of Sulfur Railcar Loading Facilities (WASIT Gas Plant)Saudi AramcoPOSCO Engineering & Construction2017-2018
3Ethane Deep Recovery Facilities (Uthmaniyah Gas Plant)Saudi AramcoHYUNDAI Engineering & Construction2017-2018
4Construction of FADHILI Gas PlantSaudi AramcoNESMA & Partners2017-2018
5Construction & Installation of 380KV Overhead Transmission Line (OHTL) (Riyadh)Saudi ElectricityMiddle East Engineering & Dev. Co., Ltd.2017-2018
6Maintenance (Rastanura Refinery)Saudi AramcoKhalid S. Al-Shahrani Est.2017-2018
7Maintenance (Shaybah)Saudi AramcoDiversified Lines for Petroleum Services Est.2017-2018
8Maintenance (SATORP)Saudi AramcoArabian Pipeline & Services Co., LTd. (ANABEEB)2017-2018
9Maintenance (Chemanol)SABICAllied Arabian Maintenance & Trade Co., Ltd.2017-2018
10Fabrication Shop and SADAF (SABIC) ShutdownSABICMaritime Industrial Services Arabia (MISA)2016-2018
11Maintenance (Udhailiyah Gas Plant &Abqaiq)Saudi AramcoSaad Ali Al-Essa Group2016-2018
12Construction of Sulfur Railcar Loading Facilities (WASIT Gas Plant)Saudi AramcoFraih M. Al-Harbi Sons Co. (FMSCO)2016-2017
13Upgrade Water System (Jubail)MARAFIQPan Gulf Industrial Services (PGIS)2016
14Construction of Ma’aden (Turaif)Ma’adenTWC Arabia Limited2015-2017
15Construction of Naptha& Aromatics (Rabigh)Saudi AramcoAl Rushaid Construction Co., Ltd.2015-2016
16Construction of WASIT Gas Plant (Khursaniyah) Package 1, 3 & 4Saudi AramcoKil Jin Kang & Partner Cont. Co., Ltd.2014-2016
17Construction of Alumina Refinery (Ras Al-Khair)Ma’adenKorea Rental Corp.2014-2016
18Construction of WASIT Gas Plant (Khursaniyah) Package 2Saudi AramcoSamsung Saudi Arabia Co., Ltd.2013-2016
19Construction of WASIT Gas Plant (Khursaniyah) Package 1, 3 & 4Saudi AramcoSK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.2013-2016
20Construction of Sub-Station Job Order No. 1-1133026.01Saudi ElectricityEnergy & Power Contracting Co., Ltd.2014-2015
21Construction of Qurrayah Independent Power Plant (QIPP)Saudi ElectricitySamsung C & T Corporation SA2014-2015
22Construction of Aluminum Rolling Mill (Ras Al-Khair)Ma’adenSamsung Saudi Arabia Co., Ltd.2012-2015
23Construction of Alumina Refinery (Ras Al-Khair)Ma’adenHYUNDAI Engineering & Construction2012-2015
24Construction of Aluminum Rolling Mill (Ras Al-Khair)Ma’adenAl Robaya Holding Company2012-2013

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